Excitement fills the air as we proudly present the newest member of our distinguished team at Portland Traffic — Paul Grice! Within the confines of this article, we explore Paul's history, ambitions, and his recent integration into Portland Traffic. His focus is set on addressing the formidable challenges that our industry encounters.

Background Overview

Paul Grice brings an impressive 34-year background in engineering product design, with a BSC degree shaping his expertise. His journey includes senior design and sales roles at renowned companies such as Triplex Engineering, Simmonsigns, Pudsey Diamond, and TRT. Paul is passionate about contributing to innovative product development and delivering sustainable, maintainable, and cost-effective solutions.

Transition to Portland Traffic

Drawn to Portland Traffic by its stellar reputation, Paul's decision to join the team was influenced by the company's commitment to innovative problem-solving in the highways industry. His practical hands-on nature and eye for detail align perfectly with Portland Traffic's values, making the transition a natural progression.

Addressing Industry Challenges

In an industry facing cost sensitivity and limited funding, Paul envisions Portland Traffic as market leaders by providing innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable product design. With a focus on circular recyclable end-of-life characteristics, he believes in offering genuine energy and practical maintenance savings.

Future Aspirations

In his role at Portland Traffic, Paul aims to assist local authorities in overcoming challenges associated with achieving Net Zero. Collaborating with clients and industry professionals, he aspires to contribute to the development of innovative, energy-efficient lighting systems, positively impacting communities.

Paul Grice's extensive experience, coupled with his commitment to innovative solutions, marks an exciting new chapter at Portland Traffic. With a focus on low-energy, cost-effective lighting solutions and a dedication to circular economy principles, Paul is poised to illuminate a path towards a sustainable and brighter future for our industry. Together with Portland Traffic, Paul is eager to make a meaningful impact and drive positive change within the lighting community.


Contact Information:

Paul Grice, Area Sales Manager

Email: Paul@portlandtraffic.co.uk

Phone: 07976 435755